General Description and Powers

The McHenry County CoC Board shall charge committees with certain duties and responsibilities in furtherance of the McHenry County CoC’s mission (Article I, Section 2). Committees must operate pursuant to their Committee Charter.


The Committee Charter must expressly state the purpose of the committee, the authority delegated to the committee, actions to be taken by the committee, and (for ad hoc committees) a time for dissolution.


Lapsed Standing Committee Charters, which have not been renewed on an annual basis, may be revived by a 50% or more majority vote of the McHenry County CoC Board. The committees do not have authority to make decisions for the McHenry County CoC. The committees may only make recommendations for decision by the McHenry County CoC Board.


The McHenry County CoC Board shall honor the work of committees who are making recommendations to the Board for approval by either accepting, modifying or rejecting said recommendation at the time it is presented.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Carrying out the duties expressly provided for in the Committee Charters and not exceeding the prescribed authority of the Committee Charters.

  • Annually reviewing and updating the Committee Charters.


  • Meeting regularly in accordance with the Committee Charters.


  • Making regular reports of committee activity to the McHenry County CoC Board.​​



Community Awareness:

This committee will be responsible for external and community relations.

Membership and Nominating Committee:

This committee shall: develop and annually review a procedure for elections; develop and annually review a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for interested individuals or entities to become Members and make an annual public invitation in order to formally solicit new Members.

Compliance and Ethics:

This committee will monitor performance and compliance of projects approved by the McHenry County CoC Board for funding; log, investigate, and recommend action on grievances and appeals in accordance with the Grievance Policy; and annually analyze grievances and appeals for trends.


This committee will be responsible for the NOFA process, the Ranking Work Group, and documentation of the finances of the McHenry County CoC.

Housing and Services:

This committee will be responsible for maintaining an inventory of available housing and homeless services in McHenry County, conducting Point in Time counts, and investigating and recommending action for Continuous Quality Improvement regarding access or barriers to housing and homeless services.


The Coordinated Entry Work Group:

Responsible for Coordinated Entry and oversee the coordinated entry process for the McHenry County CoC in accordance with the Coordinated Entry Policy.

The HMIS Work Group:

Responsible for ensuring data quality, compliance with applicable regulations, and submission of reports to HUD on behalf of the McHenry County CoC. This workgroup will also be responsible for adherence to the HMIS policy in effect and reporting any issues to the Compliance and Ethics Committee.

The Point in Time Count Work Group:

Responsible for the planning and execution of the annual PIT count and submission of results to the HMIS administrator for submission to HUD.


Each standing committee shall be led by a Chair, who shall be elected by the McHenry County CoC Board at the Annual Meeting, in accordance with Article IV, Section 4. Details regarding the Chair’s term, resignation, termination, and vacancy are found in Article IV, Sections 5 to 9. The standing Committee Chairs shall serve on the Steering Council.